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Tres Persian Pouf

Elisa Padrón , Marcos Catalán , Nani Marquina

39x39x40 cm
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The successful collections Tres and Persian Colors come together to create a very special pouf, a lightweight cylindrical accessory that is manageable and suitable for any space. The seat fiber is very soft, providing a feeling of comfort and well-being.

The sides of the Tres Persian Pouf are made with our Tres black rug in black, and the seat is made of the Persian Colors rug re-edited in matte black. A pouf that does not leave the senses indifferent. 

Available in black and natural beige.

  • Base

    Chipboard playwood

  • Volume

    0.08 m3

  • Structure

    Birch chipboard

  • Filling

    PU foam


50% New Zealand wool

Typically, New Zealand wool is known to be the whitest, cleanest, purest and most natural in the world. Its softness is due in part to the altitude and the vegetation available to the herds. It is guaranteed to be cruelty-free.

30% Cotton

Cotton fiber develops from the hull of the cottonseed. This fiber admits many types of braids and dyes, its resistance is comparable to silk and it has good thermal protection characteristics.

20% Wool felt

Felt is obtained by pressing unspun wool fibres, using their property of sticking together with steam and pressure.

Limpieza y cuidados


Vacuum frequently.

Clean stains with the appropriate solution before they dry.

Cleaning and care


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Tres Persian puff collection

The collections Tres and Persian Colors come together to create a very special pouf, a lightweight cylindrical accessory, manageable and adaptable to any space, presented in two models: Black and Vegetal.

The combination Tres + Persian Colors impact the senses in a very unique way. The Persian seat is very soft and comfortable, and the Tres body is enormously contemporary.

See Tres Persian puff collection

Designed by

Nani Marquina

In 1987 she created nanimarquina as a brand dedicated to the design, edition and distribution of carpets and textile articles. In recent years she has returned to his roots: focusing on the creative side of the brand.

Elisa Padrón

Her intuitive and passionate approach leads her to experience craftsmanship in the first person: researching, experimenting with her hands, and comprehensively understanding different techniques, however traditional they may be.

Marcos Catalán

His studio practices a rigorous and rational method of work, with the aim of improving the quality and experience of the places in which it intervenes.

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