1 Soho Place, London

A new workplace developed by Gensler

Year: 2024

Place: London, United Kingdom

Category: Offices, Custom Catalogue

A new workplace developed by Gensler for an important investment company where the key purpose is to connect its teams and even the increase of remote work, have a London office and a central, easy-to-access location for people to meet, collaborate and innovate.

The space features an impressive custom-made rug with colossal dimensions. The challenge was to install such a huge rug, that it finally turned out handweaving it in two parts and then sewing them together at the place. With a length of more than 15 meters, the rug has been made with rounded edges to match the iconic details of the surrounding Soho Area. The design often incorporates innovative materials and techniques to ensure both durability and visual appeal.

The four floors the company has include client space, a coffee bar, employee dining area and fitness center. The workplace concept centers around “Soho sophisticate” which celebrates iconic details of the surrounding Soho area. The ‘arcades’ were reflected in the working areas, ‘bay windows’ became collaboration spaces, an array of meticulously selected and custom-designed elements, including bespoke rugs that enhance the sophisticated aesthetic of the space. In this case, the rugs not only complement the interior's aesthetic but also cater to the functional needs of the space.

The project aims to reflect the vibrancy and eclectic charm of the Soho area while integrating a modern and global professional outlook.

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