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    Due to the unevenness of hand-spun Afghan wool yarn, dye absorption and color may vary slightly on the same rug.

    In the case of the hammock, to ensure correct installation, you must follow the assembly instructions and use the complete installation kit (both included). The maximum recommended weight is 100 kg.

    In the case of the tapestry, due to the handmade nature of the product. Each tapestry is a unique piece. Does not include wall fixing kit.


    Heritage craft preservation

    Local and vegetal fibers

    Ensure sustainable practices

    We support local communities

    Indoor air quality proven

    • Wellbeing collection cushions on top of the Wool Chobi rug
    • Wellbeing collection cushions, wool chobi rug and nettle dhurrie rug
    • Wellbeing collection cushions, wool chobi rug, throw and hammock
    • Wellbeing collection cushions, wool chobi rug and hammock

    Colección Haze

    The Haze collection, the second one designed by Begüm Cana Özgür, inspired by the harmony of colors drawn from nature at the moment when the haze appears. In this unique coevality, the colors speak to each other, generating a visual balance resulting from visual sensitivity; they interact, while becoming hard to control.

    Unlike other creative processes, Haze is a rug devised directly on the loom, as the designer experimented with chromatic interactions and color fading by means of mixing colors optically.

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