Haze 1 Rug

Begüm Cana Özgür

Haze emerges from the reflection on the meaning of contrast and harmony that arises in the colors of nature at the moment when the haze appears. A unique synchrony, where colors speak to each other, generating a visual balance resulting from the visual sensitivity of that ethereal instant.
Haze 1 is an indoor area rug that brings color to any room in the home. A canvas where the designer has experimented with chromatic interactions to create an optical mix combining yellow, earth and gray tones.

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All nanimarquina rugs have a three (3) year guarantee against any material or manufacturing defect. To manage a return, review the Shipping and Return Conditions.

Fibra: 50% New Zealand wool + 50% Italian wool

Tipo: Dhurrie

Alto total: 5 mm

Técnica: Hand loomed

Densidad: 58.900 yarns/m2


Heritage craft preservation

Local and vegetal fibers

Use of recycled materials

Ensure sustainable practices

We support local communities

Indoor air quality proven


Haze collection

The Haze collection, the second one designed by Begüm Cana Özgür, inspired by the harmony of colors drawn from nature at the moment when the haze appears. In this unique coevality, the colors speak to each other, generating a visual balance resulting from visual sensitivity; they interact, while becoming hard to control.

Unlike other creative processes, Haze is a rug devised directly on the loom, as the designer experimented with chromatic interactions and color fading by means of mixing colors optically.

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