Nani Marquina + Mathias Hahn

By loosening the weave and using a thicker warp, we are able to bring out new colors and different textures, celebrating heightened depth and hues.

— Mathias Hahn

The Capas collection is focused on creating and using layers of colors, tonality and shadows to create intense depth. It is a rug that is very easy to integrate and adaptable to any space, due to the presence of a wide range of color tones.

Hahn's starting point for the Capas collection is his notion that shadows are never black or gray, but rather full of color and geometry. The designer's goal was to create a simple, lightweight rug that had an informal feel, while being complex in its use of color and depth formation.

To achieve this, nanimarquina and Hahn intensively studied the specifics of the Kilim weaving technique in search of new ways to distribute color. After months of research, nanimarquina and Hahn developed a new type of loose Kilim structure that allows the colors of the warp and weft to be mixed. Normally the warp on a Kilim is invisible. In the case of Capas, defining a different warp density has allowed it to flourish, providing a visual texture where the colors present interfere with each other throughout the rug. This unique texture creates a light and dark effect and great depth without being heavy. Like the layers of air in the atmosphere that reflect light and cast shadows.

Each rug has a main colour, a complementary shade and a darker gradient which in the composition gives the illusion of a shadow cast on the floor. Each rug is a color chord of a certain main color.

Designed by

Mathias Hahn

German designer Mathias Hahn is characterized by an intense examination of materials and manufacturing processes, with a human-centered approach to design as a "cultural tool".