Gian Padilla Suarez

A tapestry to the rhythm of Jazz, where the weft is the melody and the warp is the improvised solos.

Taking its inspiration from Jazz, Improvisación emanates from the spontaneity of weaving; the weft is the melody and the warp the improvised solos. Between colors and rhythms, the tapestry burgeons as the various codes create new forms.

This piece, designed by Gian Padilla, is a tribute to the ancient art of weaving, in which women wove without a script or purpose of representation; they simply experimented and created spontaneous pieces with their own, innate sensitivity.

Here, Afghan wool was chosen as the main fiber. Its rustic appearance and the irregularities inherent to it combine to create a unique tapestry that evidences the beauty and authenticity of the craftsmanship it entails.

Furthermore, only three colors were used. A range of grays and neutral tones merge among the rhythms that depict different graphic forms but share the same chromatic range.

The result is a masterpiece that warms any wall, however cold, with only three shades of colors but with an extraordinary richness of textures.

Designed by

Gian Padilla Suarez

Lives and works between Barcelona and Tegucigalpa. Selected by A-Fad to be presented in the exhibition "El millor disseny de l'any" at Disseny Hub Barcelona.