Sabine Finkenauer

Sabine Finkenauer is a German artist trained at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. Her works are characterized by their minimalism and use of vibrant colors, influenced by artists such as Calder, Miró, Paul Klee and Arp.

Whether collage, painting, tapestries or sculptures, Sabine Finkenauer exposes a minimalist world accompanied by extremely vivid colors. Apparently simple, it hides a complex synthesis process. The artist plays with the combination of elemental shapes for a well-thought-out result that enhances the beauty of the work and provides a playful aspect to her creations.
When one is in front of a work by Sabine Finkenauer, a feeling of joy and constant joviality arises.

The artist has accumulated numerous exhibitions, alone and in collaboration. His creations have crossed Europe and have reached the United States and Latin America.

Her works can be enjoyed in Spain, New York or Colombia.