Our very special Open House during 3 Days of design

3 Days of Design in our temporary home, a beautiful apartment at the center of Copenhague together with Openhouse magazine and furniture brand Mor Design.

Together with Openhouse magazine and furniture brand Mor Design we took on the interiors of a beautiful apartment in the center of Copenhaguen during 3 days of design fair.

Names such as Pedro Sottomayor, Daniel Schofield and the studio Depping & Jørgensen of Mor Design, Natalie Hooper from nanimarquina and Mari Luz Vidal, Creative Director of Openhouse, were part of the program full of interesting encounters. We had the spontaneous appearance of Ilse Crawford, who delighted us with a short and interesting speech about well-being.

The place became a space to live a lifestyle based on comfort and well-being and enjoy good design while discovering our latest collections and bestsellers.