We present a new collection of sustainable, smooth and highly functional rugs designed especially for projects. With more than 250 combinations, we help you choose the indoor or outdoor solution that best fits your space.

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5 techniques

Each technique can work in different spaces. Choose the one that best suits your needs!

  • Hand Tufted

    Hand Tufted

    For indoor and outdoor rugs

    Defined by a sequence of abstract lines, two heights and a single color; a versatile rug that fits in any space.

    This design is very flexible and allows it to be easily adapted to different shapes.

  • Hand Loomed

    Hand Loomed

    For indoor and outdoor rugs

    This model stands out for a subtle game of soft textures made by loop & cut (loop and cut). A versatile option, ideal for any environment, including areas with a lot of pedestrian and vehicular traffic because it is very long-lasting.

  • Dhurrie


    For indoor and outdoor rugs

    Thin, light and resistant rug with a design based on the play of weft and warp of three colours, which, when combined, generate a very interesting visual effect: from a distance they look like plain rugs, but up close you can appreciate the different colours, the detail and the manual labor behind.

  • Sumak


    for indoor rugs

    Made with hand-spun Afghan wool, it has a unique texture thanks to its irregular yarn, made with the sumak technique, achieving a visual result that looks like the rug is made up of braids. With the application of color you are able to create beautiful sets of textures.

  • Kilim


    for indoor rugs

    A thin and very resistant rug, this model presents a two-tone design that plays with the contrast between the tone of the warp and the weft to generate rhythm.

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30 colors

We have created 30 carefully selected tones that help cover different needs. This selection has been worked from our experience in projects, taking into account aspects such as comfort and its coexistence with other elements.

We can offer personalized advice to find the right color range and fiber for each space.

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