Plagiarism or tribute?

In this contemporary, hyper-connected society with access to an almost unlimited amount of information, plagiarism is a recurrent and difficult to manage issue. However, with the amount of designs and creations that we have around us, how should we approach the copy? as a sign of admiration or dishonesty?

For us it is important that our clients understand the work of the designers and artisans behind it, the value of creating and investing in something original. We rely on designers and artists as well as young talent to broaden perspectives and create design that lasts over time and improves our well-being. In fact, today, we find companies that not only copy the design, but also the marketing, further confusing the end user.

At nanimarquina we have one of the most copied designs in the world: the Marquina oil can . An iconic piece designed in 1961 by Father Nani Marquina, Rafael Marquina, one of the pioneers of industrial design in Spain. Today, the Marquina oil bottle is edited by nanimarquina, guaranteeing its authenticity and respecting the proportions of the original design, as well as including the author's signature on its base.

Our rugs preserve and give life to the memory of a past, a specific geographical and human context and also a cultural legacy. These are handmade by master craftsmen who master the ancestral techniques of each place, they take us to the origins at the same time that they transmit avant-garde and a singular tactile beauty.

If plagiarism is recognized as homage, then the homage fails to acknowledge the design, craftsmanship, materials, research time, and story behind an original piece.

Therefore, when you buy nanimarquina you invest in the future of design, the preservation of culture and you also help protect the planet, as nanimarquina is a carbon footprint-free company certified by Climate Neutral , committed to sustainability .

Buy original, avoid copy.

Nanimarquina products are identified with our brand. The label and packaging of our rugs and accessories should also be a basic indication of their origin.

animarquina is a member company of Be Original Americas , a non-profit organization committed to informing, educating and influencing manufacturers, design professionals and consumers about the ethical, environmental and economic value of original design.