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Noche Rug

Ariadna Miquel , Nani Marquina

170x240 cm
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Fresh and rustic, the handmade jute fiber Noche rug appeals to our senses, bringing us back to the basics of life. The jute and its dyeing process give the colors unique shades such as this blue-green model.

A rug with a marbled texture and irregular color that evokes the night sky.

  • Type

    Indo Nepal

  • Total height

    16 mm

  • Density

    74.400 tufts/m2


100% Hand spun Jute

Jute is a 100% natural, ecological, biodegradable and recyclable fiber. It provides fresh air to the space, being a climatic regulator of the space, providing freshness in hot months and insulation to the rest.


Hand loomed Dhurrie

Handwoven on a vertical loom where the thread is strongly attached to the warp by means of knots.

It involves a rod that allows cutting an entire row of knots.

Cleaning and care


Vacuum frequently.

Clean stains with the appropriate solution before they dry.

Take the rug to specialized dry cleaners, if necessary.

Cleaning and care


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Noche collection

Evoking the silence and velvety texture of the night sky, the hand-knotted Noche rug made with jute fibre appeals to the senses, returning to the basics in life. Fresh and rustic, this rug presents exceptional typical properties of yute.

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Designed by

Nani Marquina

In 1987 she created nanimarquina as a brand dedicated to the design, edition and distribution of carpets and textile articles. In recent years she has returned to his roots: focusing on the creative side of the brand.

Ariadna Miquel

After collaborating in the studios of Martín Azúa and Emiliana Design Studio (Ana Mir + Emili Padrós), since 2003 she is part of the internal design team of nanimarquina where she carries out the development of the collections of the brand and external collaborators.

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Choosing a rug is an important decision. You have to take into account what other objects it will coexist with so that it is completely integrated and brings warmth and comfort to the space.

To help you, we have prepared a size guide to make it easier to achieve the desired finish.