Matthew Hilton
Its design, determined by the two clearly differentiated planes, was obtained through a combination of techniques and generation of textures. This subtle rug uses geometrical finesse to add volume to its surroundings.
The Oblique collection, designed by Matthew Hilton, is based on the elegance of simplicity with sober graphics and colors that bring us closer to the earth.

For the design of this collection, the British creator Matthew Hilton captures the most contemporary conceptualization of the tradition of overlaying rugs. This proposal is achieved through the juxtaposition of oblique figures in different positions, resulting in a geometrical finesse to add monochromatic volumes to its surroundings.

Oblique is handwoven with 100% Afgan wool. The different heights have been achieved by mixing two techniques: hand knotted and sumak, to create two overlapping pieces with different pile heights that supply movement. The result, four rugs with four different patterns. Depending on their arrangement in the space, can complement very different furniture layouts.

A collection of elegant and subtle rugs that with their minimalist design are easy to fit into any space. Color remains an important element of the design, but the chosen palette is of warm, powdery tones, including pink, beige, grey and ochre; very earthy colors that naturally harmonize, creating bright, fresh and contemporary spaces.