At home with Nani

We have spoken with Nani about how she is spending these days of quarantine.

My house is my nest and it is full of memories of travel and experiences. I have spent time changing these little things, bringing order to them and balancing the chaos that surrounds us in this pandemic.

The founder of nanimarquina has spent these days with her partner and surrounded by her own objects and designs.

What would you highlight from these days of confinement at home?

It is a very rare experience for those of us who always live from here to there. I have learned to enjoy the little things and the everyday. It has also given me time to observe my surroundings, recall memories brought to me by the objects around me. And I have discovered new corners at home where I can relax.

What has been your routine these days?

Working more than ever, making video conferences, calls to the family, virtual games with the grandchildren, designing, creating new ideas for rugs, drawing and painting. I have not stopped.

nanimarquina in the coming months

We have been focused for some time on sustainability and how to transform our processes and products so that they are more respectful. Now this requirement is even clearer. In this sense, confinement has given me an idea of ​​a totally recycled product that we have already begun to develop.

How are you working during confinement?

Telephone, videoconference, all eager and overcoming the difficulties of not being physically united. We are putting more effort than ever now to get through these tough times. After this experience I would like to work more from home and recover some time for myself.

After this experience I would like to work more from home and recover some time for myself.

A reading

I read less than ever since I usually read when I go to bed and these days I am more tired but on my Kindle I have a great novel, The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende.


I listen to classical music when I do my exercises in the morning, I love Mozart.

A dish

We really like to cook fish in the oven. And we love having an aperitif in the sun on our terrace.


It is a good time to start meditation.