Chillida Gravitación 1994 Rug

Eduardo Chillida

A tribute to the work of the artist Eduardo Chillida, this model is a stunning exercise in reliefs, reminiscent of the artist's signature corten steel sculptures, and specifically his work Gravitación 1994 made with paper. Transposed with the utmost accuracy, Gravitación 1994 is an indoor rug hand-tufted from New Zealand wool.

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Fibra: 57% New Zealand Wool + 43% Silk

Tipo: Sumak + Indo Nepal

Alto total: 10-15 mm

Técnica: Hand knotted

Densidad: 124.000 tufts/m2


Heritage craft preservation

Local and vegetal fibers

Use of recycled materials

Ensure sustainable practices

We support local communities

Indoor air quality proven


Chillida Collection

Tribute from Nani Marquina to Eduardo Chillida; an approach to art. “Art is linked to what is not done, to what you still do not create. It is something that is outside of you, that is ahead and you have to look for it.” Eduardo Chillida.

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