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A one-of-a-kind rug for each person, space and emotion. More than 30 years collaborating with international designers.

Formula Contract by nanimarquina team

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Our very special Open House during 3 Days of design.

3Days of Design in our temporary home, a beautiful apartment at the center of Copenhague together with Openhouse magazine and furniture brand Mor Design.

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Indigo Slam

A piece of sculpture to be lived in, this exciting project fronts newly-built Central Park in Sydney’s Chippendale, creating an inspiring residence for an art collector.

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Sustainable practices: Eco sheen cleaning

A conversation with Chairmaine Sharma, inventor of Eco sheen the solution that we use to reduce 70% of water waste during cleaning process.

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Why do I need a rug?

Did you know that, together with ceramics, rugs are one of the few elements that have accompanied human beings since prehistoric times, preserving ancient techniques?