Contract services

After +30 years and 2000 projects around the world we know that each project is unique. That is why we offer different customizable options.

Rugs complement the furniture, create textures and colours and isolates the noise. A rug is a great solution to define a space, improve air quality or even reduce static electricity. But beyond its functional solutions, a rug brings overall warmth to each project.

1- Bespoke solutions

We can transform your own design into a rug or simply start from an idea or briefing. Harness our team’s 30 years plus of experience and extensive know-how to express your vision.

2 - Custom rugs from catalogue products

We offer a customization service that allows you to adapt any rug in the catalog to the needs of your project, combining colors, fibers and techniques. You can choose from among 70 collections.

3 - New collection: Formula contract

We present a new collection of highly functional plain rugs designed with sustainability in mind especially for contract projects. With over 250 possible combinations, choose from 5 models and 30 colors to find the indoor or outdoor solution that best suits your space. Configure your own Formula

Complementary services

All our rugs meet international certificates, and we offer complementary treatments that improve the durability of rugs, adhoc installation solutions and complete logistics management worldwide.


In order to extend the life cycle of our products, we offer a series of nanotechnology treatments that improve the properties of the rugs to address common problems.

The treatments we apply to our rugs do not produce toxic gases. When a treatment is apply do not affect to the instricsic quality of the fibers that will mantain their qualities.

Anti-stain and Anti-UV treatment

Treatment that offers maximum protection for your rug. This water-repellent and oil-repellent treatment prevents liquids from penetrating into
the rug, keeping all types of fibers safe from water or oil-based stains and making solid stains easier to remove. It also prevents mold and mildew from forming and protects against discoloration caused by sunlight.

Anti-bacterial and Anti-viral treatment

Highly effective antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral treatment (including against Covid-19) tested under international standards ASTM
E-2149-01 and ISO 18184:2019 to create safer and healthier spaces.


Reduces flammability and delays the spread of fire. Especially recommended for plant fibers and
recycled PET and improving the rating granted under international standard UNE-EN 13501- 1:2019.


In order to extend the life cycle of our products, we offer a series of nanotechnology treatments that improve the properties of the rugs to address common problems.

Installation solutions

We know each project is unique that's why we offer you a wide selection of ad-hoc installations solutions.

Extra backing

Made of an extra layer of cotton
bonded with latex to the base of the rug. This solution prevents corners from raising, affords the rugs more
thickness and structure, extending their useful life. Recommended for thin rugs such as dhurries or kilims.

Anti slide rug bases

An easy-to-install solution that reduces the risk of the rug slipping or crumpling. They improve comfort
and acoustic insulation. Especially recommended for dhurries or kilims, they can be easily cut to fit any shape.

Weight corners

We add PVC wedges with extra weight to improve the stability of the rugs. Affords the rugs more thickness. Recommended for lighter weight rugs such as kilims and dhurries.

Cut-outs and edges

We can adapt the rugs to any requirement of the space, including wiring, columns, fiberplaces, wall to wall or irregular areas.


To facilitate foot and office chairs traffic we can apply different types of edging depending on the type of rug.
The binding makes it easy to clean the rug.


We can add fringes to rugs if required, except for Hand Tufted or Hand Woven rugs. The fringes will be
defined according to the fiber and technique used in the rug

Wall hanging

When a rug is to be hung on a wall as a tapestry, headboard or artwork, textile strips are added to the back for easy installation. This solution can be applied to any model.


Rugs play an important part in the soul of a space.

Our design and production teams are made up of highly experienced professionals.We also have manufacturers specialised in rugs, capable of producing any number of measurements. In all of the projects we work on, special attention is paid to the finish, with strict quality control processes, and with the know-how that is essential to obtain optimal results.
At nanimarquna we have the expertise and understanding to bring overall warmth to each project.

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