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Losanges Rug

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

165x245 cm
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Losanges, designed by the Bouroullec brothers, is an irregularly shaped rug handmade from Afghan wool using the ancient kilim technique.

A great challenge for the expert craftsmen behind this work of art by the Bouroullec brothers.

The uniqueness of its shape and the combination of 13 colors in the reddish version have made Losanges a design icon.

  • Type


  • Total height

    4 mm

  • Density

    156.000 tufts/m2


100% Hand-spun Afghan wool

Afghan wool comes from sheep grazing high in the mountains of Afghanistan. Naturally wavy, it is a very resistant material with a rough touch. Due to the curl of the wool and the irregularity in the yarn, when weaving it, it achieves an aged and unique appearance.


Hand loomed Kilim

Manual weaving on a vertical or horizontal loom that plays with the intersection between weft and warp.

It is characterized by being thin, hairless and with geometric motifs. High-density rugs, durable and resistant, even in the case of very light rugs.

Cleaning and care


Vacuum frequently.

Clean stains with the appropriate solution before they dry.

Take the rug to specialized dry cleaners, if necessary.

Care and cleaning


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Losanges collection

Kilim rug with asymmetric cut and bright coloured rhombus design.

With the Losanges collection, the Bouroullec brothers continue their study of simplicity and elegance, reinterpreting the traditional Persian rug by using ancient kilim techniques.

Technically complex, the Losanges collection requires great skill due to the combination of 13 colours in the geometrical rhombus pattern, a great challenge for the craftsmen of northern Pakistan.

Aside from the handcraft techniques involved, the Afghan wool is also spun by hand to achieve unique colour tones that make each rhombus different, and each rug a unique item.

See Losanges collection

Designed by

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Brothers and designers. They have been working together for more than 15 years designing from small objects to architectural elements, always with the intention of achieving greater balance and "finesse".

Size guide

We help you choose the rug size that best fits your space

Choosing a rug is an important decision. You have to take into account what other objects it will coexist with so that it is completely integrated and brings warmth and comfort to the space.

To help you, we have prepared a size guide to make it easier to achieve the desired finish.